daniel porter

Artist Illustrator Conservator Curator

"Bull Moose" Pastel on Panel

Copyright 2017 Daniel Porter Fine Arts.

Soft pastel is a medium that is rarely found used in the field of sporting art, the reason for this is mostly due to the percieved notion that is a medium best used for larger undetailed looser work and therefore not suitable for works of great detail. Through the years, through countless efforts and much trial and error Daniel developed a propriotary surface which enabled him to achieve incredible detail through the manipulation of the pigment in conjunction with a microfine textured surface on board. Soft pastel the purest form of pigment delivery one can employ in painting, given the purity of the colors unimpeded by binders in delivering it to the surface, incredibly vibrant works of art are the net result of his method of painting.

The Art of Soft Pastel

What is Soft Pastel?


Soft pastels are often confused with chalk. THEY ARE NOT CHALK.....Chalk is mineral calcite, a form of limestone rock, synthetic chalk can assume many forms as well.....SOFT PASTEL'S are pure pigments, gathered from either natural sources or man made ones, the pigment is taken in its dry form and ground finer than icing sugar, it is then mixed with the very slightest amount of binder, gum arabic, to form a "stick"....hand rolled out like cookies on a sheet they are dryed in a controlled manner and the end result is a beautiful tool, a delivery system, in which brilliant colors can be applied to a prepared surface, it is the purest form of applying pigement that one can employ as there is almost nothing holding the brilliatly colored powder together, at times one is moving nothing but a fine dust about to achieve the desired results in the work


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