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'Nestled In"

"The Jock Scott"

All of the Classic Salmon Fly Oils can be custom arranged as shown....


Above, "The Silver Doctor" Framed in a handfinished gilt gold frame with linen panel and gilt gold filets inset with a series of 1/0 gut eye feather wing classic flies mounted on posts over fine red suede.


"Fred Clowater Cooking Grouse"

Work In Progress

"Green Machine"

"Portrait of a Grouse



"The Popham"

"The Orange Parson"

The Blue Doctor"

"The Kate"

"The Red Sandy"

"The Silver Wilkinson"

Close up framed. Outside Dimension approx. 16x22

'The Green Highlander"

"Cape Buffalo"

"Restigouche Canoes"

"The Silver Doctor"

Restigouche River New Brunswick

30x42 Oil on Panel

The Classic Salmon Fly Collection

Set of Classsic Salmon Fly oils (Image size 12x18) Framed in hand finished gilt gold frames

"The Durham Ranger"


Copyright 2019 Daniel Porter Fine Arts.


"June Evening, Downs Gulch"

Original Sporting Oils

Available Works


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